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Information provided by:
Gail Price
Founder, Dumpster Cats
(302) 834-2859


There are more than 60 million homeless cats in the United States right now. Tiny kittens are found in dumpsters, junkyards, on the side of the road, and in the woods. These suffering, homeless little kittens would not be alone in the world, cold and hungry right now, if only some pet owners had taken the time to fix their cats. But because people didn't have the money, the time, or the brains to get their cats neutered or spayed -- too many kittens were born into the world with not enough homes to provide for them. If only people would fix their pets. It would take so very little to ease so much suffering.

There are lots of dedicated people trying to help with this overpopulation problem. They try to find owners for homeless cats, and work to raise money to spay and neuter cats who are over breeding and creating kittens with no place to go. But these volunteers' work depends on their ability to raise money and to find homes for these kittens. Irresponsible pet owners go on allowing their cats to have babies, taking up space in homes that could have been used for cats who are already homeless. If you don't get your cat fixed and she gets out to mate, it takes only one time to produce up to 9 kittens! What would you do with them? Could you take care of them yourself? Would you be able to find homes for them all? Even if you DID place them into homes, would they be safe there? And could you live with yourself knowing that by finding 9 homes for your kittens, you have denied shelter kittens a chance at a home and 9 will be put to death in their place???

For the sake of homeless animals everywhere, PLEASE -- don't be selfish. Think about their welfare, and the welfare of your own cat. Spay or neuter your pet today. When you allow your animal to have babies, you are directly causing other stray animals to die, without ever getting a chance for a home. Think about it. The consequences of your actions determine whether many tiny kittens are put to death, or have a short life or homelessness and starvation. Honor your cat, and the lives of homeless cats everywhere -- get your pet fixed!


Make no mistake: if your cat is not fixed, it is suffering!!! Pets that have been spayed or neutered live many years longer than those who are not fixed. After your cat is fixed, it is less at risk for certain diseases and many types of cancers as well. Plus, if your female cat isn't spayed, she can get pregnant, and having babies will put her at risk for many things that can go wrong in pregnancy and delivery. And even with healthy babies, the cat that has multiple litters in her lifetime almost always die at a younger age than cats who are spayed.

Female cats can go into heat as often as every two weeks! And when they are in heat, they are tormented by the urge to mate, and will do anything to satisfy the urge. They are unhappy and may become bitter and unsocial towards others in your household. So even if you keep your un-spayed female cat indoors, she is still hurting. You may think your cat is a 100% indoor cat, but they have been known to break through screens, make fast escapes when people go through the door, even jump out of high open windows -- just to go look for a mate. If somehow you are lucky enough to find ways to defeat all her escape tricks, she still will be frustrated inside the house and continue suffering without satisfaction. Anyone who allows their cat to suffer this way is abusing the pet that they CLAIM to love!

Cats who do get out to find a mate are exposed to all kinds of feline diseases. If your cat is fixed, it will not have the urge to leave the house for sex, and has a better chance of surviving indoors. Every cat that your cats mates with has the potential of spreading feline leukemia, rabies, feline herpes, infectious peritonitis, and feline AIDS. (Not to mention the lesser evils, such as fleas, ticks, and worms!) Even if your cat is up to date on all its shots, vaccines are only 80% effective against contagious diseases.


Some people are afraid that their cat's personality will change if they are neutered or spayed. This is simply not true! Fixing your pet will KEEP IT FROM CHANGING!!! Growing up and reaching maturity causes changes in all living creatures. The desire to mate causes your cat to care less for you and not be so affectionate; instead of playful, they become moody. Spaying or neutering your cat will allow it to remain a happy, carefree kitten for as long as it lives!

No matter your cat's gender, you need to get it fixed. Male cats, unlike females with a cycle, are ready and desiring to mate at any time. They will do anything to get to a female in heat, including tear up your house and make attempts at dangerous escapes. But the biggest reason for neutering a male cat, aside from population control, is that fixing him will keep him from spraying! You can learn more about the spraying behavior by reading this article. Once a male cat reaches maturity, he will begin spraying around the house, whether he finds a mate or not. (If you have not experienced a cat's spray before, it is a horrible sight and smell, like powerful rotten urination that stains and has an odor that is impossible to get rid of once it gets on clothing, bed sheets, furniture, or whatever is around that your cat chooses to make his mark on!) If you wait until your young male cat begins to spray before you get him fixed, then it may be too late. He may never stop! BUT, if you neuter him before he completely matures, he should never start spraying because he will never have had the urge to do so. Fixing him early will keep him from starting bad habits.

You can save the lives of so many needy animals by simply fixing your own pet. Why wouldn't you? There is NO REASON not to. If you think of one, perhaps you should read our other article, "Lame Excuses For Not Fixing Your Pet". And if you can't afford it, there are many discounted spay / neuter programs, and even some vets who will do it for free! Please fix your pet. It's the right thing to do


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